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2 years ago

We Play D&D! Pilot for our new Podcast!

Episode 1: Oh Deer

Hey, do you like DnD? Do you wanna listen to a couple idiots attempt to survive in a fantasy like environment? Well, we have a podcast for you!!! Well, eventually. If the reception is good. Here's to hoping this sounds as good as I hope it does, editing this one was a doozy.

In this episode, Dem Boiz (a party consisting of a Dragonborn Druid, a Dragonborn Cleric, a Half-elf Bard, an Elf Sorcerer and a Tiefling Paladin... jesus this is a big party) go shopping. A dumb druid boi willingly walks into a trap and almost dies, and some bard that's really not too fond of spiders.

PSA: The names Gandy and Legion were not inspired by the Adventure Zone in any way. I (Roman) am the only one aware of TAZ and when they created the character sheets I may have had a slight panic attack when I realized that it could be seen as a bad.

Hosts featured in this episode: Adish, Holger, Jesse, Kevin, Shawn, Roman

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